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Deck Design Details



Emperor Decking is a unique water shedding system and must be properly installed using especially designed accessories and approved installation methods. The deck boards must always be installed perpendicular to the building structure and never parallel as is traditionally done with other decking and must have a minimun of 1/16" slope/foot away from the building structure. 


It is advised for New Construction to properly engineer and design the framing to accommodate the Emperor decking orientation and slope as well as meeting all of the local and National building codes. 

On retrofit of existing decks there are a number of methods to accomplish the correct installation of the Emperor system.

Before beginning your project you may want to consult your Local dealer or contact Empire Gold Crown Building Products technical: 1-506-232-6907 or email:

Good pre-Planning and Engineering is always the first step in insuring satisfactory results of your building project.


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