New warehouse in Greater Vancouver is coming soon.Durable Vinyl fencing&PVC Decking.

Ultimate Unobstructed View

Fascia Mount Design


Saving Deck space and maintaining the ultimate view. Our Unique frameless glass railing systems utilizes the TILT-LOCK DESIGN SPIGOT creating the best glass railing for your unobstructed view.

50 mm Stand Off Pin Design


Unique Fascia mount design with safety hand rail.

Glass with Mini Rail


Ultimate unobstructed view with code approved top mini rail.

50 mm Stand Off Pin Stair Rail


Unique interior glass railing design.

Deck Mount Spigot


Manufactured from ULTRA MARINE STAINLESS-2205 DUPLEX that was developed to combat common salt air corrosion problems. 

Fascia Mount Spigot


The tilt lock feature offers a unique and simple leveling method by tilting the glass vertical ensuring a perfect installation in half the time.